——————-To Start the Day——————-

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Fresh Seasonal Fruit 
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese

Oats With Milk  
Seasonal 1 fruit, ask your server for our variety

Fresh Seasonal Fruit 
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese

Fresh Seasonal Fruit 
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese

Oats With Milk  
Seasonal 1 fruit, ask your server for our variety

Ligth Breakfast   
Orange juice, seasonal fruit, rustic sweet bread, butter, coffee or tea

French Toast   
With bacon, ham or seasonal fruit

——————-From the Farm——————-

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Omelet any Style 3 Ingredients of your choice: 
Cheese, avocado, mushrooms, panela cheese, onion, spinach, bacon,ham, sausage, tomato, potato, carrots, zuchinni, serrano pepper, green or red pepper

Light Omelet 
3 egg whites, spinach, onion and cheese

Supreme Omelet 
With shrimp, spinach, onion and cheese with holand sauce

Omelet Jardinera     
Chili green and yellow bell pepper, mushroom and spinach accompanied with red chilaquiles and beans or potato hash brown

Omelete Poblano 
Poblano pepper strips, corn, onion, panela cheese, and topped with poblano cream sauce accompanied with hash brown

Spanish Tortilla 
With cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, sausage, onion, serrano pepper

Eggs Benedict 
Two eggs served on a french bread and smoked pork chop topped with a sauce holandesa, served with  hash brown

Eggs any Style 
Poached, over easy, sunny side up, scrambled, rancheros, mexican style, motuleños, albañil, divorced, Migas (fried tortillas) with eggs in green salsa

——- Crepes, Pancakes and Waffles ——-


Crepes : filled with cottage cheese and philadelphia  
Strawberry ,whipped cream and pecans
Caramel, whipped cream and pecans
Chocolate syrup with whipped cream

Pancakes and  Waffles : 
Fresh Fruit Combo
Mixed Fruit, nut with whipped cream or ice cream

Walnut with whipped cream

Covered with strawberries ,whipped cream and pecans

Covered with chocolate ,whipped cream and pecans

Topped with apple cinnamon and whipped cream

With banana, walnuts, raisins and whipped cream

Topped with sweet peaches, raisins, whipped cream and pecans

Covered bananas, whipped cream and nuts

———–Traditional Breakfast———-

In red or green sauce with cotija cheese, onion and sour cream, Get them extra spicy

Rustic bread topped with refried beans, melted cheese, chorizo and pico de gallo

Molletes Gaby´s 
With poblano pepper strips, corn and
mushrooms augratin

Machaca With Eggs Beef 
Strips fried with sweet chili, onions and eggs, served with refried  beans and chilaquiles

Machaca Burritos (Order of 3 Pieces) 
Served with refried beans, chilaquiles and sour cream

————-House Specialties————

Beef Tips Albañil or Mexican Style Beef Tips 220 grs with refried beans and chilaquiles

Chipotle Chicken Tips  
Delicious and tender chicken breast with creamy chipotle sauce refried beans and chilaquiles

Flank Steak Los Pérez Style 
220 grs with cactus, sausage, refried beans and chilaquiles

Chilaquiles Gaby`s
In red or green sauce, served with one egg any style and a flank steak 110 grs

Enchiladas Gaby’s (3 pieces) 
Green, red, ranchero style, bean sauce and pork or swiss

Liver & Onions
With 1 egg, served with refried beans and chilaquiles

Pérez Tamal
Grilled tamale fiilled with poblano strips, served with sour cream, fresh cheese, refried beans and albañil style eggs


                                         Fresh Squeezed Juic                                          
Orange, grapefruit, carrot, beet and seasonal
Sodas 355ml   
Bottled Water 600ml   
Light Sodas  355ml   
Coffee 190ml  
Tea  190ml   
Hot Chocolate  190ml 
Chocomilk  600ml 
Coffee  Capuccino 200ml  
Coffee  Latte  200ml 
Coffee  Moka  280ml  
Coffee  Espresso  22ml 
Fruit Water Drink  (seasonal)              
Mimosa  350ml


Yogurt, milk, granola and honey

Strawberry, beets, celery, orange juice and honey

Forbidden Fruit
Celery, apple, orange juice and honey

Pineapple, banana, melon, orange juice and honey

Revitalizing Gaby’s
Grapefruit juice with banana, kiwi, strawberry and granola