——————-To Start the Day——————-

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Fresh Seasonal Fruit  $58
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese  *Add     $15

Oats With Milk   $48
Seasonal 1 fruit, ask your server for our variety * Add 1 ingredient     $15

Fresh Seasonal Fruit  $58
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese  *Add     $15

Fresh Seasonal Fruit  $58
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese  *Add     $15

Fresh Seasonal Fruit  $58
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese      *Add     $15

Fresh Seasonal Fruit  $58
With yogurt, granola, honey and cottage cheese       *Add     $15

Oats With Milk   $48
Seasonal 1 fruit, ask your server for our variety
* Add 1 ingredient     $15

Ligth Breakfast    $73
Orange juice, seasonal fruit, rustic sweet bread, butter, coffee or tea

French Toast    $63
With bacon, ham or seasonal fruit
*Add 1 ingredient $20

——————-From the Farm——————-

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Omelet any Style 3 Ingredients of your choice:  $65
Cheese, avocado, mushrooms, panela cheese, onion, spinach, bacon,ham, sausage, tomato, potato, carrots, zuchinni, serrano pepper, green or red pepper

Light Omelet  $66
3 egg whites, spinach, onion and cheese

Supreme Omelet  $82
With shrimp, spinach, onion and cheese with holand sauce

Omelet Jardinera   $65   
Chili green and yellow bell pepper, mushroom and spinach accompanied with red chilaquiles and beans or potato hash brown

Omelete Poblano  $66 
Poblano pepper strips, corn, onion, panela cheese, and topped with poblano cream sauce accompanied with hash brown

Spanish Tortilla  $70
With cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, sausage, onion, serrano pepper

Eggs Benedict  $82
Two eggs served on a french bread and smoked pork chop topped with a sauce holandesa, served with  hash brown

Eggs any Style   $55
Poached, over easy, sunny side up, scrambled, rancheros, mexican style, motuleños, albañil, divorced, Migas (fried tortillas) with eggs in green salsa

——- Crepes, Pancakes and Waffles ——-


Crepes : filled with cottage cheese and philadelphia  
Strawberry ,whipped cream and pecans   $68
Caramel, whipped cream and pecans   $68
Chocolate syrup with whipped cream    $68

Pancakes and  Waffles : 
Fresh Fruit Combo   $64
Mixed Fruit, nut with whipped cream or ice cream

Walnut   $60
Walnut with whipped cream

Strawberries   $70
Covered with strawberries ,whipped cream and pecans

Chocolate    $68
Covered with chocolate ,whipped cream and pecans

Apple   $60
Topped with apple cinnamon and whipped cream

Kahlua   $66
With banana, walnuts, raisins and whipped cream

Peach  $60
Topped with sweet peaches, raisins, whipped cream and pecans

Banana   $60
Covered bananas, whipped cream and nuts

———–Traditional Breakfast———-

Chilaquiles  $65
In red or green sauce with cotija cheese, onion and sour cream, Get them extra spicy

Molletes $49
Rustic bread topped with refried beans, melted cheese, chorizo and pico de gallo

Molletes Gaby´s  $55
With poblano pepper strips, corn and
mushrooms augratin

Machaca With Eggs Beef  $84
Strips fried with sweet chili, onions and eggs, served with refried  beans and chilaquiles

Machaca Burritos (Order of 3 Pieces)  $85
Served with refried beans, chilaquiles and sour cream

————-House Specialties————

Beef Tips Albañil or Mexican Style Beef Tips $135 220 grs with refried beans and chilaquiles

Chipotle Chicken Tips   $92
Delicious and tender chicken breast with creamy chipotle sauce refried beans and chilaquiles

Flank Steak Los Pérez Style  $145
220 grs with cactus, sausage, refried beans and chilaquiles

Chilaquiles Gaby`s $115
In red or green sauce, served with one egg any style and a flank steak 110 grs

Enchiladas Gaby’s (3 pieces)   $99 
Green, red, ranchero style, bean sauce and pork or swiss

Liver & Onions  $85
With 1 egg, served with refried beans and chilaquiles

Pérez Tamal  $74
Grilled tamale fiilled with poblano strips, served with sour cream, fresh cheese, refried beans and albañil style eggs


                          Fresh Squeezed Juic  Reg. 280ml $25 Jumbo  600ml $40                                                         
Orange, grapefruit, carrot, beet and seasonal
Sodas 355ml    $25
Bottled Water 600ml    $25
Light Sodas  355ml    $25
Coffee 190ml    $25
Tea  190ml     $25
Hot Chocolate  190ml  $35
Chocomilk  600ml  $35
Coffee  Capuccino 200ml   $45
Coffee  Latte  200ml  $45
Coffee  Moka  280ml   $45
Coffee  Espresso  22ml   $45
Fruit Water Drink  (seasonal)  
Reg.  280ml $25 / Jumbo  600ml $32              
Reg. 280ml  $32 / Jumbo 600ml  $45
Mimosa  350ml $80


Griego   Reg.  280ml $38  / Jumbo 600ml $45
Yogurt, milk, granola and honey

Passion  Reg. 280ml  $38  / Jumbo 600ml $45
Strawberry, beets, celery, orange juice and honey

Forbidden Fruit   Reg. 280ml  $38  /  Jumbo 600ml $45
Celery, apple, orange juice and honey

Jungle    Reg. 280ml  $38   /  Jumbo 600ml $45
Pineapple, banana, melon, orange juice and honey

Revitalizing Gaby’s   Reg. 280ml  $38  / Jumbo 600ml $48
Grapefruit juice with banana, kiwi, strawberry and granola